Second Passport: Why You Need One

Call it a backup plan. Call it citizenship insurance. I call it having options.

As much as Conservatives and Libertarians like myself bash America for spying, stealing, and general abuse of power; it is still a beautiful place to grow up, live and settle down.

However, as we can see over the past few decades the USA has clearly been in decline. Our overreaching government is spending more than ever before and our unemployment and food stamp numbers spiraled out of control long ago. The fact is the USA is broke.

I’ve put my right hand over my heart and sang The Pledge of Allegiance from kindergarten to the last playoff game I attended. I bleed Red, White and Blue but my allegiance doesn’t blind me from the challenges America faces today.

I know this article is going to be controversial because let’s face it, anything even slightly political always is. But the point of this article isn’t to point out the flaws of the United States because if you look closely EVERY country has flaws. The point of this article is to get you thinking about options that may be available to you.

You may be the healthiest man on the planet but that doesn’t mean a car can’t hit your bike and end your life in a flash. You probably have health insurance and/or life insurance. Why not get citizenship insurance?

There are many ways to receive citizenship in another country, the easiest usually being through your parents or grandparents. Many times citizenship and an accompanying passport can be obtained by filling out some paperwork and paying some processing fees.

Father born in Italy? Mother born in Australia? Grandparents from Ireland? This is the equivalent of winning the citizenship lottery. After obtaining citizenship you can usually pass it off to your spouse or children as well.

Will this make me a traitor?

No. Don’t feel bad about having options. Besides, holding citizenship in anther country doesn’t require you to give up your US citizenship. In fact the US doesn’t even want you to give up your US citizenship since they are one of the only countries on earth that taxes their foreign living citizens.

The USA is a powerhouse economy but can you guarantee it will be that way in the next 5-10 years? How about the next 40 years?

We are living longer than ever and I would argue the future of the US is as uncertain as ever. European Union countries such as Spain, Ireland and Greece may be a joke now but perhaps they learn from their mistakes and have an economic turn around. Receiving citizenship to one of these countries may turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

Receiving citizenship in one EU country allows you to live in all 28 of them! So perhaps you have a German mother; get that citizenship and go to work in London if you’d like!

What about those who didn’t win the citizenship lottery?

There are options for you as well. Some countries such as St. Kitts or Dominca allow you to buy citizenship for a price. Neil Strauss did this in his book Emergency. You can also find a place with a relaxed residency program such as Panama, Nicaragua or Uruguay. After establishing residency many times you can become a citizen.*

Australia is practically begging for skilled workers such as electricians, bricklayers, and carpenters. I have friends that didn’t even have a skill when the arrived in Australia four years ago and now they are permanent residents expecting to receive their citizenship shortly.*

I’m a firm believer in the resourcefulness of people. If you really want to be a citizen of another country you can probably become one. So what are you waiting for? Experience a life of adventure and give yourself options that will last forever. Because you never know what can happen to the land of the free. You may wake up one day and not recognize it.

*Make sure to do your due diligence as I am only giving general advice on establishing options overseas. Please contact the proper personnel for specific citizenship or immigration advice if needed. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on this blog.

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