You Can’t Change The Past


I dropped my iPhone 5 in the toilet on Saturday.

I had always been so careful but one second after half-heartedly setting it on the bathroom counter it fell, bouncing off the toilet paper roll and into the bowl.

Heart racing, I grabbed it as quickly as possible, ripping off the case in one swoop before drying it off. Seemingly, it was working correctly but I still proceeded to use a blow dryer on it (fogging up the camera in the process) before placing it in a Ziploc bag of rice for the next 24 hours.

I thought about the expense of the phone. Never a fan of contracts, I purchased my unlocked iPhone 5 for $650 just a year ago. My stomach churned for the next few hours but then I made peace with what had happened.

You can’t change the past.

I had dropped my phone and yes it was stupid (why do I need to bring a phone to the bathroom?) but there was nothing I could do to reverse this. I did all I could to salvage it and now I would just have to wait to see the outcome.

We regret what we did in the past instead of avoiding those same mistakes in the present.

Too often I speak with friends, family, and acquaintances that regret what they studied in school, the physical shape they are in, or the financial mistakes they have made. Then they proceed to make the same mistakes over and over again…

You need to take responsibility for your previous actions but you don’t have to dwell. Make your peace and move on. You are in your current physical shape based on your genetics, eating habits and exercise habits. You can change two of those. If you have no desire that is your choice but you are not a victim.

I’m not exempt from a life of regrets but I’ve made peace with them. Looking back I should have studied engineering or computer science while I was in college. I should have gotten those 6-pack abs I’ve wanted for the past dozen years. I should have bought into the stock market at the bottom of the crash.

If I would have studied engineering I might be more employable but I would have never met my wife because why would an engineer teach English in Korea? I don’t have 6-pack abs but I’m only a few months away with the proper diet and work ethic. And the stock market will crash again but this time I will be ready with cash in hand.

Wars are always being waged. The economy is in a constant funk. Student debt has run rampant. The mainstream media wear rose-colored glasses while conservatives say the world is going to end next week. They are both wrong. Life sucks if you make it suck. Life is awesome if you make it awesome.

Stop blaming others for your mistakes and take control. And secure your phone before using the toilet.

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