The Mall is Mostly Awful

Most Saturdays the wife and I are so tired from the hectic work week that we lounge around the house all day. What a great way to save money: Do nothing! However after a few discussions and observations we have come to the conclusion that penny … [Read more]

I’m Done With Financial Tips

Over the past couple of years I have devoured financial blogs. It started in college when I stumbled upon Early Retirement Extreme. I read a few articles and though the concept was cool but when I actually learned how Jacob lived I laughed it off. … [Read more]

Alpha Strategy Outerwear

I have way too much outerwear for a California native. Probably close to twenty coats and jackets depending on how you count. A few years ago I started getting more and more interested in menswear. I would read style blogs for hours to try and … [Read more]

New Year, New Me?

That’s what everyone has been saying on their Facebook, Twitter and blog posts for the past month. As if a new year signifies the need to improve your life. You can improve you life at anytime! A pig on December 31st will not become a bull on January … [Read more]

How I Invest: The Permanent Portfolio

My wife and I are trying to become financially independent and “retire” as early as we can. We’d like to be there by 35 but 40 may be a bit more realistic. The formula for retirement is much easier than you may think. Spend much less than you make … [Read more]

Treating Yourself: Standing Desk Review

As many of you know, before entering the corporate (cubicle) world I was a teacher in Korea and a barista in Australia. While I didn’t want either of those jobs to become my career, they did have a built-in health advantage: constant … [Read more]

Organize Your Life

These past weeks I have put in effort to organize my life. None of these ideas below are revolutionary but they have helped me feel more relaxed and productive. Feel free to read through and/or comment below with ways you stay organized. Inbox … [Read more]