Should I Buy A Rolex?

I’m an old man at heart. The oldest 28 year old I know. Being an old man, I like old things. Old things were made stronger and better than most of the items of today—cars clothing, shoes, furniture, homes and scotch to name a few. The word … [Read more]

Financially Independent By Forty

My wife and I will be financially independent by forty years old, probably sooner. While this will be a huge accomplishment; it shouldn’t prove to be incredibly difficult. Currently we try to spend around $1,500 per month but based on our last … [Read more]

The Art of Being Positive

Life is good. Forget that. Life is great. In the past I’ve caught myself being negative about certain aspects of my life but recently I’ve come to realize virtually none of my problems have a substantially negative impact on my life. What do we … [Read more]

Steveonomics Reading List

  Bloggers love lists, books and minimalism. I am no exception. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for books but over the past few years I realized just how much of a pain they are to transport and store, not to mention the price to … [Read more]

I Like Social Media Again

By the time Facebook was ready for the masses I was all over it. Zuckerberg is a couple years older than me so I was on the ground floor. What I great way to read up on people before actually meeting them? I felt like I was in an exclusive club since … [Read more]

I’ve Created A Monster

When I met my wife she was a happy-go-lucky girl without a care in the world. Raised by workaholic, well-to-do parents who nurtured without outright spoiling, Sally never worried too much about bills coming due or the rising prices of food and … [Read more]

Travel Hacking: Flying Is Free

I haven’t paid for a flight in two years. Now, having a career in the states, I don’t fly as much as I did right out of college. However, on the rare chance I do get up in the air, I use bonus credit card points (miles) and pay next to … [Read more]

The Nickel Hoarder

Before 1965, quarters were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. At the time, the value of the metal that comprised a silver quarter closely correlated with the face value of the coin. From 1965, quarters were no longer made made with silver. They … [Read more]